Thank you for your interest in the DVHS. As you might have gathered, the DVHS is dormant these days. There might not be enough demand in Philly for an in-person herp society, or there isn’t enough leadership and space supply, but either way we have not met for about a year and have no immediate plans to do so.


Mark your calendars for 8pm Friday, June 25th – the DVHS will be hosting writer and South Jersey native Bryan Christy (dig the photo of the Christy as a teen at school with his pet python), author of the Lizard King: True Crimes and Passions of the World’s Greatest Reptile Smugglers.

We’ll be holding the meeting at the Maple Shade spot we’ve been using for the past couple meetings. Check out the meetings page for the full directions.

Hi folks,
We’ve rescheduled the postponed Feb meeting to March 26th. Everything else is the same – time, topic, and location.

See you there!

Postponed meeting!

We have postponed tonight’s (Friday, Feb. 26th) DVHS meeting thanks to the bad weather. We’ll reschedule for March – stay tuned for details.

We’re back in Maple Shade for the February 26th meeting. Check out the Meetings page for the full details and directions.

Also, now that we’re in 2010, it’s time to renew membership (or join for the first time :-)). We still have to work out mail-in directions, but it’s a piece of cake to join at the meetings.

Happy Herping!

Frogs for February!

Ned Gilmore, the Collection Manager for the Departments of Vertebrate Zoology, Mineralogy & Scientific Publications
at the Academy of Natural Sciences, and one of the leading experts on our region’s herpetefauna, will be speaking on the “Frogs of the Lower Delaware Valley.”

Figure on the evening of Friday February the 26th in Marple – we’ll get you the full details soon.

February Meeting

We still have to work out the program, but mark your calendars for our next public meeting February 26th. It will most likely be back in Marple, but we’ll post the full details soon.

New Location!

This December’s meeting (on the 11th) will be on the other side of the Delaware, in Maple Shade, NJ. Check out the meetings page for the full details and directions.

Next Meeting December 11th

We have a date for the next meeting: December 11th! (I incorrectly wrote it as the 5th before). We also have a speaker, Ed Kowalski of the Philadelphia Zoo, and he will be talking about caecillians.

Hello Delaware Valley Herpers! This site is very much under construction, but check back soon for a fully operational site devoted to the herpetology of the Delaware Valley and its Herpetological Society, the DVHS.